About Us

jesse & lindaThe Castillo Adventures officially began on our wedding day, 11-11-11 (although we met in July, 2K9–now THAT is a story you can ask us about !!).  2 people of diverse backgrounds miraculously brought together by God to work together through their varied education and abilities to serve God anyplace in the world!

Jesse was raised in Benicia, CA. since he was 2 years old.  He was involved in every sport since he was 11 years old.   His passion for music began at home; later singing and performing since was 15 years old. Jesse’s love for God is experienced every time he has a conversation with you (especially with a cup of coffee and a pastry). Jesse’s love for music has him still performing today the Big Band sounds and artists of that time.  He is available to entertain for you and/or your group—just notify him.

Linda was born in Oakland, CA and began coloring her hair in a various array of colors in college (and yes, she does get stared at;  ALWAYS gets a conversation out of the stares; kids loves to run their fingers through the colors and is a great asset at airports with security–always tons of laughter). Her love for God and for people of all ages is contagious (and always involves a hug). She is passionate about providing opportunities for others to see God.  She is a Pastor, a Conference Speaker, a Teacher, an Author, a multiple cancer-survivor, a Lover of God & His Word and absolutely loves everyone she meets & brings them along with her on this Adventure called Life.

We love sharing life with others in their discovery of the BEST pathway for their lives. That includes YOUR lives—whether on a mountain top, in a rain forest, in a dark valley, a beach with laughter, with tears, in celebration, in silence—the various ranges in our lives. We hope to come alongside you and share our Adventures together with open eyes, open ears, open hearts and available hands & feet.  Invite us to share those things that matter most to you.  We invite YOU to come with us on a Mission Trip.  Come with us as you share Your Adventure with others.  Everyone loves company on an Adventure!

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